Meet the Press' Tim Russert, Gov. Jesse Ventura and Wodele

“Fair, honest and respectful…John is one of the best in his field.”
Wolf Blitzer, CNN

" did a terrific job for Governor Ventura.  It was a challenging position, but you were unfailingly responsive, straight and courteous.  Couldn't ask for more in a communications director."  
George Stephanopoulos, ABC News

“Wodele was an uncommonly thoughtful and effective adviser.  He’s seen the national
media at its most ferocious, and understands better than most in Washington where
American politics is headed.”

Matt Bai, writer, NY Times Magazine

“John Wodele could explain the merits of proposals for tax reform, education 
accountability, or a unicameral Legislature as cogently as anyone…”

Lori Sturdevant, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“John Wodele has a knack of taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.  I’d 
want him on my team in a heartbeat.”

Senator Dean Johnson

"Your sincerity, passion, sensitivity and philosophical insight were combined into a most
engrossing presentation."

Warren Nordley

“You got rave reviews on the evaluation sheets.  One said, ‘Best lunch speaker we have had in 10 years.’  Bravo!”  
Gary Burandt/Executive Director, International Communications Agency Network, Inc. 

“Thanks so much for your presentation. I was surprised and touched by the openness and honesty you exhibited.  We all make decisions in our lives, but you demonstrated how difficult it is for those in public life.”
Christine Garner/American Association of University Women

“You were such a hit last night. I've had a number of people ask me, ‘is he always that funny?’”
Shannon Beaudin Klien/Director of Public Relations, Minnesota Department of Transportation


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