John Wodele Knows the Drill

John Wodele knows the pressures of media scrutiny.  Once a subject in an investigative media story himself, Wodele now advises individuals and elected officials in trouble with the law, under investigation by the media, and at risk for untimely and/or offensive public comments.

Wodele captivates his audience with his heart-felt belief that honesty and commitment are the principle foundations upon which any successful organization or individual is built.

John Wodele is a passionate communicator who takes his audiences on a compelling and entertaining adventure. His life experience will convince you that truth; loyality and focus can be the difference in an organization's success or an individual's career and personal fulfillment.  Focusing on a problem and sorting out what is right and wrong is not spin, it is the truth.  Having the courage to speak honestly can make all the difference.

Most requested titles:

Leadership in a Media Frenzied World

Keeping Your Balance in a Life of Politics

Managing a Media Crisis:  Maximum Disclosure/Minimum Delay

Managing a Living Brand:  Politics, Entertainment, and Jesse

The State of the Media:  What’s News?  

Four Years of Jesse and Me: Lessons Learned

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