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Wodele Creative Enterprises partners with Ruthless Media for media placement and electronic presentation services and Shipwrecked Communications for graphic design services. 

David Ruth (Ruthless Media):  David Ruth worked with John Wodele on Jesse Ventura’s communications staff and was responsible for creating the award-winning and highly regarded Ventura website. In addition, he produced the twenty-three-station network radio show, Lunch with the Governor.  Prior to the Ventura administration he worked for Media Relations, Inc. and for ten years produced radio shows at KSTP radio and KFAN radio in the Twin Cities.

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Trey Wodele (Shipwrecked Communications):
Trey Wodele’s experience includes ten years as a writer and designer.  After designing his degree in screenwriting at Metropolitan State University, Trey served on the advisory committee for the development of a screenwriting major for the University.  Trey worked with Los Angeles independent director Jonathan Sanford, developing and rewriting scripts for production.  Recently, he has worked as a reviewer and editor for The Gislason Agency in Minneapolis. Trey’s design work includes pieces for Wodele Creative Enterprises, LSW Business Incentive Group and the Whole Voice Project.

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