"PR Whiz John Wodele" 
City Pages, Minneapolis

Contact John Wodele at Wodele Creative Enterprises for your PR and Media Relations needs.  With thirteen years in the private sector, and twenty years in the political spotlight, Wodele has the experience, contacts, and wherewithal to help your organization show its best face, locally and nationally.

Public Relations:          Develops comprehensive public relations strategies for  
                                      businesses, associations, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Community Relations: Provides analysis and communication plans for private and public
                                      projects and issue related community campaigns.

Media Relations:         Identifies and establishes respected and trusting relationships with
                                      reporters and columnists who cover your industry, business
                                      or specific public policy issue.

Media Placement:       Works with local and national media to obtain placement of
                                      your news story or commentary/opinion page piece.  Utilizes local
                                     and national media contacts to lobby for your discussion topic on
                                     interview radio and television programs.

Crisis Media:               Using the Wodele model of The Truth Works: 
                                     Maximum Disclosure / Minimum Delay, prepares for and
                                     manages crisis media situations involving your company, individuals
                                     or associations. 

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