Leadership in a Media Frenzied World: 

Looking to advance in your company?  No problem, a little BS goes a long way.  Want to be Governor?  How about President?  It is really not that difficult to get on television, smile broadly, and play to your audience.  

Indeed, today’s media-frenzied world often makes leadership look easy.  While the proliferation of media outlets can be exploited for opportunity, be warned:  If you are not ready for prime time, that same media will bring you down faster than you can say Howard Dean.  

Leadership is not easy. It is not about celebrity, pedigree or money.

John Wodele’s presentation on leadership draws on thirty years of experience working with the media and leaders of business and politics.  His presentation will demonstrate how real leaders develop real character and real expertise, based on real knowledge and real experience.  Wodele believes that in business or government, leaders who endure, are focused, considerate, comfortable, honest and patient. 

His stories are funny, sad, and sobering; his observations, enlightening and his recommendations, worth remembering.

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