Managing a Media Crisis:
Maximum Disclosure/Minimum Delay:

Everybody knows it is the cover-up, and not the screw-up, that will bring you down.  So why is it that they still work so hard to cover things up?  When people are in trouble, why do they emulate Presidents Nixon and Clinton? 

Martha Stuart was wrong, but the lie she told when she was caught had more to do with her downfall than the crime itself. 

John Wodele believes in the truth because it works.  In 1989, John Wodele advised the elected prosecutor in St. Paul, Minnesota after an arrest for driving under the influence. If he was truly sorry, Wodele advised the best thing he could do was immediately admit his mistake.  Call a press conference, apologize and take his punishment.   Assure his constitutes that it would not happen again.

The prosecutor went on to win his next election without the DUI even becoming an issue.  

Maximum Disclosure/Minimum Delay—it works in a crisis and it works as a general guide in dealing with media requests.

No organization, company or public leadership office should be without a plan on how to handle a media crisis.  John Wodele has been there.  He will guide you through the steps to take before the media comes knocking, and the process once you have heard the knock.

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