Managing a Living Brand:
Politics, Entertainment & Jesse:

Minneapolis’ City Pages called John Wodele “The Man Behind the Mind.”  Wodele, was the man at the onset, fielded over two hundred media requests a week to interview Jesse Ventura, the superstar wrestler turned superstar governor.  Daily, he would struggle to transition the Ventura “brand” from “Jesse the Body” to “Jesse the Mind.” 

From St. Paul, Minnesota, to Tokyo, Japan, news and entertainment venues wanted fifteen minutes with the wrestler who shocked the political and entertainment world. 

When the bad boy talked, reporters wrote, and the people read.  They loved it. 

But could this celebrity govern?  Elitist editorial page writers and ivory tower political scientists were skeptical and mean.  Democrats and Republicans didn’t know what hit them. 

For John Wodele, it was lovely, but it was hell. 

But as it turned out, it was a forerunner of things to come.  Ventura in Minnesota, Schwarzenegger in California, and there will be more. 

Let John Wodele take you on the ride of a lifetime…his fascinating presentation is meaningful, insightful, revealing and fun.

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