The State of the Media:  What’s news?

John Wodele has worked with and in the media for over thirty years.  He has been covered as an elected official, was the subject of an investigative media “scandal” report and he has managed media relations for elected officials.  Wodele has appeared on CNN and FOX television networks, hosted a talk radio program at a major Twin Cities radio station, and worked as an advisor and writer at MSNBC.  John Wodele’s name, quotations and statements have appeared in every major newspaper in the world. 

From this perspective, John Wodele analyzes the state of the media and how it is fulfilling its responsibility as the forth estate in our democracy.  Is there a media bias?  How accurate is the media?  Are we getting the news we need?  Are we getting the news we deserve?  Or, are we getting the news that a few corporate media giants want us to get? 

Wodele’s stories will have you shaking your head in amazement. 

Should we be worried about the “free press”?   Listen closely to John Wodele and you will be prepared to sort through “all the news that’s fit to print.”

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